Welcome TO Ecc!

We're glad you're here! 

At ECC, we know "church" isn't really a place - it's people, and our Sunday morning worship is how most people get connected to ECC. 

Service begins at 10:30am Sunday morning at Silver Trail Middle School in the main café area. Parking is accessed through the NW 184th Avenue side gate, near the intersection of Sheridan Street. Friendly greeters will point you toward the worship space where you will receive a weekly bulletin and can grab a fresh, free cup of fair-trade coffee.

Dress-up isn't required! Most people come to ECC comfortably dressed: flip-flops with a T-shirt and shorts; jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers; dress or skirt with sandals or heels; khakis and a button-down with loafers. It's your call.

If you have young children, that's great! Some families keep their children with them during worship to sing and dance or look around and explore. Other families bring their children to Noah's Ark Nursery, a safe and secure space directly connected to the worship area. It's really up to you. We know that every family is unique, and the best choice is what works for your family.

If you have older children, then they can check out ECC's Cornerstone Children's Ministry. After beginning worship together with contemporary and inspiring music and a morning prayer, we invite kids to join their Cornerstone teachers for class.

ECC's Weekly Sermon is a practical Bible-based message that's relevant to life and the issues we face today. And each week, Holy Communion is served to everyone who comes forward to receive it. Whether Christian or not, whether United Methodist or not, all are welcome at The Lord's Table. Worship time ends with making an offering gift during the last song, followed by coffee, tea, and snacks in the café hospitality area.  

Worship isn't the only thing we do! It's a great start, but there's more, so check out the Calendar for upcoming events.

Community Groups and Missions offer the opportunity to grow in faith and live more intentionally. Students in 6th -12th grades can get involved with TAG Youth, which offers steps to know Jesus. And for PreK - 6th grade children, there's Awana Club on Friday evenings, which is a good next step after Cornerstone